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If you're new to silk screen printing or if you're an established printer needing advice to achieve better results, these training sessions are for you.  Sessions are on-site at your location or ours.

At your location we offer the following:

*  Help with facility layout  *  Make adjustments to equipment as needed  *  Evaluate your needs and make recommendations  *  Teach all steps involved in the printing process (design to finished product)  *  How to get the perfect print  *  Usage of different mesh counts,  the best ink to use as well as some tricks to get the desired results  *  Correct use of chemicals, solvents, etc.  *  Proper cleaning techniques  *  Coating and exposure process


At our location we offer the following:

1 to 2 hour course specialized to your specific printing process

If you have any additional information you feel will be helpful, please click the link below to e-mail us at:

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